For your convenience, The Dog House is open 7 days a week, from 7:00 AM-12:00 PM and 3:00 PM-6:00 PM.


Boarding starts at $30.00 for the first dog in the family, with a rate of $17.00 for each additional dog from the family. Boarding is charged by the night (Example: Drop off on Friday, pick up on Sunday - you pay for Friday and Saturday night).


Daycare rates start at $13.00 for a half-day (morning or afternoon, 7-12 or 12-6), and $23.00 for a full day. We also offer blocks of daycare credits that never expire at a reduced rate. See the options below:

10-credit pack: $105.00 (Save $10.00)

20-credit pack: $195.00 (Save $35.00)

30-credit pack: $295.00 (Save $50.00)

40-credit pack: $370.00 (Save $90.00)

Half-days are 1 credit each, full days are 2 credits each.


Please note: A damage fee of $25 may be assessed for any dog that destroys property while at the kennel.



Bath, Blow Dry and Brush

Small Dogs (up to 30 lbs): $26.00

Medium Dogs (31-60 lbs): $36.00

Large Dogs (61-90 lbs): $46.00

Extra Large (over 90 lbs): $56.00

Additional Charges

Matted or long hair: +$8.00

Furminator Brushout: +$10.00

Pet Pedicures

Nail Trim: $12.00

Nail Grind: $16.00


NOTE: Receive a 15% discount off all services if performed during an overnight stay at The Dog House!